Company History

Susumu History

1964 July
Established Susumu in Kyoto
Company History
1966 July
Established factory in Horai, Aichi, Japan
1966 October
Established sales office in Kanto, Japan
1972 January
Established sales office in New Jersey, USA
1977 September
Established a new factory in Obama, Fukui, Japan
Company History
1980 May
Established sales office in Chubu, Japan
1985 April
Invested equity to YOKOHAMA DENSHI SEIKO Company Ltd.(YDS)
Company History
1991 March
Renovated the headquarter at the same location
Company History
1991 September
Established Cyntec, JV with Delta Electronics, Inc.,in Taiwan
Company History
1998 November
Acquired ISO9001 certification by JQA
2000 December
Acquired ISO14001 certification by JQA
2002 December
Established Susumu (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in China
Company History
2003 September
Established Susumu Deutschland GmbH in Frankfurt suburbs, Germany
2004 January
Established Susumu International (USA) Inc. in New Jersey, USA
2004 December
Acquired ISO/TS16949 by JQA
2007 July
Established Susumu International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China
2015 August
Susumu reorganized NCH TECHNOLOGIES (S) PET. LTD. (NCH) as our 100% owned subsidiary.
2015 December
NCH changed its name to Susumu Singapore Pte. Ltd.
2017 April
Merged YDS with Susumu
2018 Mrach
Established Susumu Korea Co., Ltd. in Seoul, Korea
2020 July
Established a new factory in Itoigawa, Niigata, Japan
New Plant name is Itoigawa Plant(Minamiterajima)
Niigata Plant changed its name to Itoigawa Plant(Suzawa)
2022 July
Established Shinko Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China
2022 October
Head office relocated to Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City


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