CSR Initiatives

Under the Susumu Group's Code of Conduct that we have established, we continuously assess risks to labor, human rights, ethics, and quality, and the environment, and contribute to the advancement of society in accordance with our basic management philosophy and policies.

Main Activities


As a company that complies with laws and regulations, Shin Industries is committed to being a trusted entity by all stakeholders. Specifically, by establishing a "Code of Conduct" and educating all employees, we aim to raise awareness about respecting human rights, prohibiting harassment, dealing with anti-social forces, fair transactions, appropriate accounting processing and information disclosure, and confidential information management. An internal reporting system is also in place, and employees are encouraged to use the system.

Safe and Comfortable Workplace Environment

By thoroughly managing overtime hours and encouraging the use of paid leave, which is also a topic of discussion at weekly management meetings, the rate of paid leave taken has reached 75%. Regular internal audits are conducted to address and improve identified areas, strengthening health and safety. An engagement survey is conducted annually, and each department sets and implements measures to improve it. Furthermore, every two months, all executives have the opportunity to hear directly from employee representatives. Although there are many challenges, we believe that these steady activities have led to our "White Company" certification.

Environmental Activities

Shin Industries is certified under the ISO14001 international standard. Recognizing the importance of protecting the global environment, we strive to contribute to environmental protection by developing, producing, and selling high-function, long-life, and compact products as environmentally friendly products, based on our core technology of thin film technology. In addition, we are planning to introduce a hydrogen system in the construction of a new building at our Obama Factory in Fukui Prefecture. Together with calls for energy saving through SDGs education for employees, we are working towards achieving environmental goals such as reducing power consumption.

Engagement with the Community

Shin Industries aims to build trust with the people of Obama City in Fukui Prefecture, Itoigawa City in Niigata Prefecture, and other regions by getting to know Shin Industries better. To achieve this, we actively recruit local residents and participate in activities such as coastal clean-up in the Itoigawa region and the Open Company event organized by the Obama Chamber of Commerce. In October of the previous year, we signed an agreement with Obama City to provide people and equipment in the event of a disaster. This includes cooperation as operation staff for the Volunteer Center when it is established and the use of factory premises as an activity base. We will continue to strive for social and community contributions.

At the Open Company event on August 9th of the previous year, local residents and children visited our Obama Factory for a tour.

CSR Medium-term Goals

Shin Industries has set medium-term goals related to working hours, paid leave uptake rate, number of occupational accidents, harassment cases, percentage of female managers, reduction rate of energy consumption per unit, employee engagement evaluation, community contribution activities, and social contribution through new product development. By implementing the PDCA cycle, we aim to enhance the overall level of CSR.