Designation of lead free products

We offer lead free terminals.
Our terminals used to contain 10% lead but we now offer only lead free terminal products except for those customers who request lead containing terminals.

The Product composition, structure and manufacturing processes are all the same for lead free and lead containing products except for the terminal composition. Therefore, part numbers are the same for all our customers. However, we use different part numbers in the production process to differentiate lead free parts from lead containing parts. In order for our customers to be able to identify lead free from lead containing products, we include a designator on the product labels.

Lead free products have a double line at the bottom of the labels (there is no line present on lead containing products). For details, contact our Sales Department.

On one side, the surface of the reel has a label bearing the following information 【example of the product label】

1 Type designation
2 Quantity
3 Inspection date code(Month and year are marked. Refer to JIS C 5201-1 Annex JA Table5.)
4 Manufacturer's name (“SUSUMU CO., LTD.”)
5 Country of origin
6 Manufacturing data code
7 Dual broken line for lead free products


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