Fundamental Approach

At Shin Industries, we have been committed to product development to remain "a company that always contributes to society," in line with our company's basic philosophy. This is because, since our foundation, we have wanted to enrich people's lives by solving social issues. Recently, our products have been used in transportation systems to deliver COVID-19 vaccines in a cold state worldwide.

Currently, discussions towards achieving a "sustainable society" are being held worldwide, highlighting various issues. In response, Shin Industries focuses on "human resources" and "environment" to confront and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. In terms of "human resources," we continue to accept trainees and interns and wish to enhance activities such as waste reduction through improvement in product quality, energy-saving activities, and fundraising activities through SDG education for employees.

Moreover, our company has been conducting corporate activities in "environments" surrounded by beautiful nature, with production bases set up. In the construction of a new building in Obama City, Fukui Prefecture, we are planning not only to install solar panels but also to introduce hydrogen systems. By achieving environmental goals such as reducing electricity consumption, we will protect nature, pass it on to the next generation, and promote activities in cooperation with the region towards achieving carbon neutrality.

Main Initiatives

SDGs Goals Initiatives
Company-covered GLTD insurance
Promotion of purchasing fair trade products
Promotion of in-company fundraising activities
Subsidies for vaccinations, provision of AIG insurance
Acceptance of technical intern trainees, internships
Assistance for employees' qualification acquisition, implementation of correspondence education assistance system
Improvement of female employment rate, female managerial positions, and enhancement of male paternity leave uptake rate
Monitoring of wastewater in factories, thorough management of waste and chemicals
Community cleaning activities
Promotion of using personal bottles in the company to reduce plastics, paper resources, and cans
Introduction of solar panels and hydrogen systems in the new factory
Development and production of high-quality, high-reliability, resource-saving products
Setting environmental goals (reduction in electricity usage, increasing the ratio of renewable energy, reduction of defect rate)
Energy-saving activities (stopping air towels, turning off unnecessary lights, utilizing heat blocking sheets)
Automation and IoT integration of production lines
Certification as a white (ethically responsible) company
Development and production of high-quality, high-reliability, resource-saving products
Acceptance of technical intern trainees
Promotion of industry-academia-government collaboration themes
Education on the Group's Code of Conduct
Community cleaning activities, providing employment opportunities in the community
Setting environmental goals (reduction in electricity usage, increasing the ratio of renewable energy, reduction of defect rate)
Monitoring and compliance with regulations on environmental load substances
Promotion of paperless activities across the company
Response to conflict minerals
Compliance in fair trade
Thorough implementation of the Group's Code of Conduct
Collaboration with local governments on disaster prevention
Priority ordering to companies that employ people with disabilities
Implementation of SDGs education in the company and local schools

Detailed Initiatives at SUSUMU

1.Coastal Cleanup Activities in Collaboration with Municipalities / Doing What We Can Now – Contributing and Giving Back to the Local Community

Itoigawa is known as a coastal town famous for its sea. Many people come to Itoigawa to search for jade, which we are very pleased about. However, the beautiful beaches here are also littered with drift garbage and illegally dumped trash, among which plastic waste does not decompose and remains forever, becoming microplastics. Marine life is at great risk of ingesting these microplastics. Shin Industries aims to protect the environment by doing "what we can do now." Despite the cloudy weather and light rain at the gathering, the sun came out as we started the beach cleanup, allowing us to conduct the activity under refreshing weather conditions.

2.SDGs Education at Obama No. 2 Junior High School

As education for the young generation who will carry the future, we conducted SDGs education aimed at junior high school students in Obama City, where our production base is located. We visited class 1 of the second year and conducted a lesson on diversity for about 35 students.

3.Transportation of COVID-19 Vaccines

Products from Shin Industries have been used in Data Loggers for transporting Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccines, enabling safe delivery of vaccines to various countries around the world and contributing to society.
Certificate of Appreciation from Pfizer

4.Fundraising Activities – Towards Zero Hunger

We aim to strengthen fundraising activities within the company.