5.Trimmable chip resistors and altering resistive values

5.1 The concept and the structure of the trimmable chip resistor

The concept and the structure of the trimmable chip resistor

Yad laser apply energy only to the resistive film without damaging the glass film.

This energy oxidizes resistive film using the oxygen from the glass. The resistive film becomes oxide film, which is an insulator, which adjust the resistance.

Unlike typical abrasive trimming, this trimming process is a chemical reaction and not destructive.

5.2 Resistance adjustment with trimmable chip resistors

Supplementary information:
parallel connection of resistors and
output voltage Examples of series/
  • 1.The resistance value adjustment range is wide,
    and it is possible to arbitrarily and significantly adjust
    the resistance value with one type.
  • 2.The glass film is not destroyed, so it continues
    to protect the resistive film even after adjustment.
  • 3.After trimming, there is only a chemical change
    to form an oxide, so highly accurate adjustment is possible.
  • 4.Even after adjustment, the properties of the resistor
    remain unchanged and continue to maintain the properties
    of a metal thin film.


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