6.Application and recommended usage of thin film chip resistors

6.1 Voltage dividers

・Voltage dividers, shown below, are circuits with series of resistors to divide high voltage into smaller voltage. Input voltage is divided in the ratio of the resistance.

・Precision resistors are required because the tolerance and TCR of the resistors directly influence the divided voltage.

Voltage dividers

Voltage dividers

・Application examples : Power supply, Reference voltage generator, Battery control
(high voltage control of automotive)
・Recommended products: URG seriesRG seriesRM series
MRG series(anti-surge) LRG series(leaded)

6.2 Amplification by operational amplifier

・Small signals are amplified by operational amplifier and precision resistors as shown below
・Input signal is so small that it requires low noise, precision resistors
・・In order to get precise amplification ratio, R1 / R2 it is important for both of these resistors to have closely related tolerance and TCR (relative tolerance and TCR)


・Application examples : Sensor module(automotive, IoT),Test and measurement instrument,
Medical electronics instrument.
・Recommended products: URG series RG seriesRM series MRG series(anti-surge)
LRG series(leaded)
Relative tolerance and TCR of multiple resistors are specified inRM series(network resistors) only.

6.3 Strain gauge (resistor bridge circuits)

・Strain gauge is a sensor that detect the amount of strain or pressure by change of resistance. Basic circuit is shown below.
・The change of resistance is calculated by measured voltage and resistance (formula (2))

An example of strain
gauge circuit

R1 = R2
R3 = R4

Vout = 0 V

When gauge is strained, R1 changes
    R1 = R2 + ΔR
Vout is given by (1)
Vout = Vin{R3/( R1+R3)-R4/(R2+R4)}—(1)
R1 = R2 + ΔR 、R3 = R4
Then, you get ΔR as shown below (2)

ΔR =Vout(R2+R4)²/{R4-Vout(R2 +R4)}—(2)

ΔR, amount of strain, is calculated by output voltage

・Application :Strain gauge, Pressure sensor, Flow sensor including gas sensor for automobile, etc.

・Recommended products: URG seriesRG seriesRM seriesMRG series(anti-surge)
LRG series(leaded)
Relative tolerance and TCR of multiple resistors are specified in RM series(network resistors) only.


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