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Current situation and direction going forward

Current situation and direction going forward
Our core technology, ever since our founding, has been and will be thin film technology. Materials, process engineering and device designs are constantly integrated into innovative latest technologies to improve products’ performance. We hold the position as No.1 company in the industry of thin film resistor. Besides thin film resistor, novel seeds of fundamental technologies are sprouting up. We connect ‘fundamental technologies (seeds) ‘with ‘customer demands (needs),’ and create impressive and original products and aim to contribute to customer and advaancement of society.

Monozukuri (production) by R&D

R&D is the basis of innovation and value creation. A Japanese term, ‘Monozukuri’ has two meanings, creation and production. Creation is to introduce new value which has not existed before. Production is to spawn a clone of valuable things in numbers, in other words mass production of values. The latter is called production, and its role is taken by plants. The former is the very role, solely taken by R&D and the basis for creating future products. Susumu R&D department is engaged in research every day to bring forth products which will be valuable to customers.

Mind-set in R&D

Each research theme follows a cycle of experiment/prototype, evaluation, consideration, and improvement. The word ‘research’ reminds us of a process of experiment/prototype to evaluation. In fact, this process can be practiced by anyone if only they knew procedures. It is necessary to repeat this process for research, yet we do not see it as the most important process. Rather, we weigh most with a process of consideration. Without consideration and just repeating experiment/prototype of low accuracy, it does not move research forward. In terms of R&D we emphasize consideration, and we regard it as the very essence of R&D even if others cannot see what we are doing.


To think is our fundamental job, so it may feel quieter at the office than other departments. However, in report meetings held every week, opinions are exchanged lively unlike usual calmness.

Future prospect

Our products are used in cutting-edge industries around the world. They are important for the realization of Society 5.0, where such as robotics, autonomous driving technology, 5G/6G communications, and astronautics become normal. Our products are indispensable in solving social issues. Susumu’s R&D department is proudly contributing to solving social issues. We engage ourselves in creating new values for the future of global society.