Obama Plant Itoigawa Plant Kyoto Office (Research Center) Headquarters

Corporate Planning


Corporate planning department draws up managerial policy, mid- and long-term plan as well as a plan for single fiscal year. While managing business resources of the group, the department supports execution of priority issues at each section. Specifically, the department is divided into Human Resources section (recruitment, education, employee engagement, organization management), General Affairs section (operation of major meetings such as stockholder meeting, contract management, environment, safety and health, internal events), Planning & Management section (capital, accounting, finance, taxation), and System section (development and operation of computer system, streamlining, information security.) We have approx. 20 employees in headquarters, 10 employees at Obama plant, and 10 employees at Itoigawa plant who are emgaging in Corporate Plannign function.

Job satisfaction

I feel satisfied when we recruit talented people or when a new employee seems to be actively involved in the work or when we successfully achieve a recruitment plan. Most of all, I get motivated greatly when employees are thankful to us. The Accounting Section is quite important taking care of money management. In addition, the section plays a key role of business planning. The System Section manages internal IT System and builds an automation system by programs. These days, a company needs the highest level of functionality, which is challening to keep up with it. But when system runs smoothly and other sections show us appreciation, it is quite worthwhile. Corporate planning Department often gets in touch with top management and communicates often to other sections, which requires communication skills. The Department may not contribute as directly to corporate performance as sales and production sites, yet we are making an effort with pride of being a crucial function to support the company.

Quality Assurance


The Quality Assurance Department plays a crucial role in production and sales of Thin Tilm Resistors. Its responsibility is as follows: certification acquisition and maintenance of IATF16949 which is a quality management system for automobile industry, internal quality audit management, response to customer’s quality requirements for product, receiving of customer audit, quality guidance to each plant, and surveillance and response to environmentally hazardous substances. Staff belong to HQ and work with quality control section at each plant. Our motto is to respect each other and pay attention to keeping atmosphere open for everyone including a new employee so that opinions can be exchanged easily. . We do our best to meet customer’s expectations and to provide products which customer feel confident.

Job Satisfaction

The Quality Assurance Department is responsible for ensuring and improving the quality of products, primarily by repeatedly maintaining and improving the quality system and raising the quality level of the company as a whole. I find it very rewarding because my work enables us to provide good products. In quality assurance, through DR meetings and internal audits in APQP, we aim to achieve zero defects by early detection and improvement of problems and issues in development and production.In addition, cooperation with other departments is indispensable in carrying out our work, and we are required to work together with R&D, sales, and factory members to improve quality throughout the organization. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is that I can develop my communication skills and ability to work as part of a team.
Current status and direction going forward


Current status and direction going forward

Current status and direction going forward
The name of the company ‘Susumu’ originated from the Japanese term ‘zenshin=mae ni susumu’ (moving forward), which is a motto of Sales section. We have become an antenna to detect new needs in society where we can apply ‘thin film technology’. We regard Society 5.0 and highly aging society as the key for the future, and make use of our ‘thin film technology’ in ‘high precision, high reliability and high frequency’ in order to evolve products further, and create new products in the fields of IoT (communications in the global scale to cosmic scale), automation and manpower-saving (FA, robotics), autonomous driving, health care, metaverse, and so on.

Relationships with customers

We sell products to customers for profits and contact customers representing the company, which we do as a basic part of our job. What we value most is to build long relationship with customers. For that, we must understand customers’ requests, take them back to the company, make a proposal which is useful to customers, take customers around production site to build trust, and make arrangements in the company to meet a delivery date. We consider that, not just visiting customers, building relationship with customers is the most important role for us.

Deliver value around the world

Our products are needed in various industries in the world. Comparing domestic sales with overseas sales, sales abroad is larger. We are adopted in various industries such as automotives, home appliances, robotics, measuring instruments, communications infrastructure, space industry and others. We feel responsible and proud that our products are needed in many industries around the world. We will make a daily effort to bring forth new values to the world.


There are many young employees and daily communication is active with open work environment. Our cafeteria is closely located to the office and we can enjoy eating during lunch break and after office hours. Just because we are sales section, not all the staff are talkative nor sports-oriented, though, many are good at talking to others and building relationship with others.

Future prospect

The speed of the change is becoming faster these days. In order to cope with this, we need to adapt to new things while inheriting good elements of Susumu which have been nurtured for many years. We build relationship aligned with customers so that we could quickly identify customer’s needs and provide satisfying services. Considering the speed of change as a chance, we will thoroughly grasp each customer’s various problems and contribute to solving them by communicating customer’s requests and market needs to product development. Thus, we continue to provide new value.